Senior Advisors (formerly Range Riders)

Sponsored by North Carolina City and County Management Association and the International City/County Management Association

What is the Senior Advisors (formerly Range Rider) Program? (Click here for more information.)
The Senior Advisor Program makes retired members of the city and county management profession available to current managers to help solve their professional concerns. Senior Advisors meet periodically with managers, upon request, to discuss developments in the management field and professional concerns of the managers. Discussions will include such topics as relations with councils, career changes, professional management techniques, financial and budgetary problems, and questions of professional ethics.

Who are the Senior Advisors?
The Senior Advisors are retired municipal and county managers with extensive experience in the management profession who are recruited and screened by the NCCCMA Membership Suipport Committee and approved by the NCCCMA Executive Committee. This program makes a Senior Advisor available, at no charge, to municipal and county managers for private counseling. These retired managers have experienced the problems and frustrations of managing local governments and are willing to assist managers in resolving these issues. Senior Advisors are envisioned as friends, colleagues and counselors to the individual managers and should not be considered as “consultants” to the local governments.

Why a Senior Advisor Program?
Senior Advisors have several advantages in addressing municipal and county management problems. Experience in solving professionally related problems, demonstrated ingenuity and willingness to offer their services are some of the valuable elements of this program. Senior Advisors can also assist in the professionalization of the management field. These competent, dedicated and knowledgeable individuals can play a significant role in assisting and improving your management capacity.

The Senior Advisors also have easy access to ICMA/NCCCMA programs and resources. These advantages make this program an attractive source of outside counsel for the management profession.

Sponsorship and Cost
The Senior Advisor program is sponsored by the North Carolina City and County Management Association and the International City/County Management Association, founder of this Management Assistance Program.

The North Carolina City and County Management Association and the International City/County Management Association pay the travel and per diem expenses of the Senior Advisors including travel to the state winter and summer conferences, as well as the annual ICMA Conference. No honorarium or salary is paid to these voluntary "Senior Advisor" managers.

How to Receive Assistance from a Senior Advisor
To contact a Senior Advisor (pdf of territories), write or call:

Coastal Region (temporarily statewide)
John E. Whitehurst
Windsor, NC
(252) 724-2047

Rob Shepherd, Secretariat
PO Box 3069
Raleigh, NC  27602-3069
(919) 715-9767

Anthony W. Starr, ICMA-CM
NCCCMA Membership Support Committee Chair
Western Piedmont Council of Governments
PO Box 9026
Hickory, NC 28603
(828) 485-4272


The NCCCMA Membership Support Committee is currently recruiting candidates for the Senior Advisor Program. If you are interested in serving as a Senior Advisor, please review the Senior Advisor Policy and contact NCCCMA Membership Support Committee Chair Anthony Starr at or 828-485-4272. Please indicate your interest May 31st to ensure consideration.